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Understanding The Different Types Of Product Labels


There are a variety of product label types that businesses can use to market their products. Which type you choose will depend on the product, the target audience, and the marketing strategy.

This article explores the different types of labels and when to use them.

Adhesive Labels 

Adhesive labels are used for product identification. Most often, these labels include information about the company selling the products, such as a logo and contact information. They can also include branding, marketing messages, and pricing information.

There are two main types of adhesive labels, including paper and vinyl. Vinyl labels are waterproof and more durable than paper labels, making them ideal for products that may be exposed to water. For instance, say you are selling beer bottles and want to label them. Vinyl labels would be a great option since they can handle moisture without becoming damaged.

On the other hand, paper labels would be better if you are labeling jars of jam or honey. Paper labels are easy to write on, so they are great for products with long-form information.

When choosing adhesive labels, you need to decide what material to use and what size to print them. You also need to decide if you want them to have a gloss or matte finish. Glossy finishes are more attractive but less durable than matte finishes.

If you're not sure which type of adhesive label to choose, consult a reputable label printing company. They can help you choose the right label for your product and walk you through the printing process.

Flexible Packaging Labels 

Flexible packaging labels are used to label products that come in flexible packagings, such as bags and pouches. These labels are designed to be durable and withstand the conditions inside flexible packaging. They can also be printed with vibrant colors and special finishes, allowing businesses to create eye-catching labels that draw attention to their products.

When choosing flexible packaging labels, consider the type of product you are selling. For instance, if you are selling food products, you may want a label that is resistant to moisture and oil. On the other hand, if you are selling electronics, you may want a label that is resistant to heat and light.

Once you've decided on the label material, you need to decide which label printing service to use. Look for a label printing company that offers high-quality label printing services. They should also have the latest label printing technology, such as digital label printers, to produce labels with sharp text and vibrant colors.

Whether you are labeling products for identification, branding, or marketing purposes, understanding the different label types and when to use them can help you create a label solution that meets your needs. Adhesive labels are great for product identification, while flexible packaging labels are ideal for labeling products in flexible packaging. Regardless of which label type you choose, partnering with label printing services can ensure that the labels are printed correctly and with high-quality results.


1 December 2022