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Why Copiers Jam And What You Can Do About It


One of the most frustrating things about using your copy machine at work is when the paper jams, especially in the middle of a high volume job. However, the problem may not be with your copier, but with other minor issues that you can control. Here are some of the most common reasons why your copier jams and what you can do to minimize them.

Paper Jam Types

Paper jams arise in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons.

The Paper Was Inserted Incorrectly

If you put in new paper, and one paper is just a little bit crooked or curled, then this could cause a paper jam.

The Wrong Paper Type Was Used

Some newer, fast-copying copiers require a certain paper weight and quality in order to function correctly.

The Ink Cartridge Is Low Quality

Poor quality ink cartridges leave residue behind that builds up and causes jams.

The Rollers Are Damaged

Damaged rollers can draw in the paper in a crooked way and cause jams further down the line.

Paper Jam Prevention

In addition to changing your printer materials and ensuring that your equipment is in good condition, you can prevent paper jams by taking some of the following steps.

Store Your Paper in a Dry Place

Too much moisture exposure can make your paper curl up and be more likely to cause a jam.

Perform Required Maintenance

Regular maintenance removes ink and paper residue that builds up and causes jams.

Use the Same Paper Type

Don't mix and match paper types. For example, don't load up card stock over regular printer paper.

Avoid Over-Filling

Over-filling is one of the most common causes of paper jams. Make sure your paper is only filled up to the maximum fill mark.

Paper Jam Fixes

Take great care when removing a paper jam, or you can permanently damage your machine or cause the paper to become so embedded that you can't remove it. Any time you remove a paper jam, be very careful and pull slowly. Don't insert sharp objects in order to get the paper out because this could damage rollers and other delicate equipment. Use the machine's internal levers to open up trays and access jammed papers.

If you are careful, then most paper jams are easily fixed, and you can continue on with your copying with little problem. However, if you find that your paper jams happen so often that your copier is almost unusable, and the problem appears to be unfixable, then you may want to upgrade to a new machine. Contact a copier supplier to see what types of copiers are available for your business needs.


5 February 2020