Printing More Professionally

When I first opened up the doors to my business, I didn't know how much advertising I should do. Instead of going after printed advertisement space and taking out radio spots, I decided to let my company speak for itself. I tried to encourage other people to spread the word, but for some reasons, I just couldn't get off of the ground. I started thinking about what might work, and I realized that printed advertisements might be the way to go. Unfortunately, my first flyers weren't super professional. I decided to work with a graphic design company, who helped me to print professionally. That's when things started taking off. Read my website for more helpful tips regarding successful advertising.

Are You Organizing The Paper Goods For Your Home Office?


Do you run a business from your home? Or, it might be that you are a homemaker who is establishing a home office. Maybe you want your own space in order to take care of things like paying bills and working on personal correspondence. Have you already set up your computer, your printer, file cabinets, and other larger business equipment? If so, you're obviously on a roll. Next on your list might be getting the paper goods and other smaller essentials in place. From outfitting your home office with things like labeling products to purchasing other small essentials, here are some ideas that might help.

Labeling Products 

Think of the kind of labels you'll need for your business. For example, if you are a home business that sells things like very small handmade soaps, you might want to order tiny labels that can be adhered to the individually wrapped soaps. Perhaps you make your own fruit spreads. Whether they are packaged in glass jars or plastic containers, your homemade goodies will present themselves in a much nicer way if they have an adhesive label right on the containers. 

Think of designing the labels yourself. For example, if your business is called something like "Savannah's Soaps" or "Jill's Jellies," the name of your business could be part of the design. A fancy printed name of your business and a clever sketch of your product might be the perfect logo. For example, the soaps could be on a label that pictures an antique clawfoot bathtub along with the name of your business

If you are a homemaker that simply wants to add pizzaz to things you mail, consider buying labeling products that have your name and address on them. For example, consider ordering personalized mailing labels with your home address as part of the design. Labels for gift giving might be another good item to order. For example, your first name on a hole-punched tiny card will certainly personalize any gift you give to friends and family members.

​Additional Small Essentials 

Make a list of the small items you'll need. For example, you might want a regular ruler, paper clips, scissors of different sizes, and even a hole puncher. Don't forget extra pens and pencils, a stapler, and extra staples. Most of those items can probably even be found in the school and office aisle at your favorite grocery store. If you're not successful in finding them there, check out a discount department store to see if you have better luck.

As you shop, consider how you'll organize your labeling products and the other small essentials you purchase. Individual small storage units that fit together is one idea of how you can organize your desk. 


23 April 2019