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When I first opened up the doors to my business, I didn't know how much advertising I should do. Instead of going after printed advertisement space and taking out radio spots, I decided to let my company speak for itself. I tried to encourage other people to spread the word, but for some reasons, I just couldn't get off of the ground. I started thinking about what might work, and I realized that printed advertisements might be the way to go. Unfortunately, my first flyers weren't super professional. I decided to work with a graphic design company, who helped me to print professionally. That's when things started taking off. Read my website for more helpful tips regarding successful advertising.

Successful Screen Printing For Small Companies


Investing in screen printing supplies can be a simple and effective way to create merchandise with a unique design and message. You can easily transform ordinary objects into marketing tools for your small company when you opt to invest in screen printing.

In order to ensure that your screen printed items experience greater success in the future, here are three tips that you can use to enhance the quality of your screen printing process.

1. Select the right design.

The success of your company's screen printing projects will depend largely upon the designs that you are choosing to transfer onto t-shirts, hats, or bags. When you are creating the design that your company will use for screen printing, be sure to keep the graphics simple.

It's best if you use an image that has bold lines and a lot of negative space since these designs are less likely to bleed during the screen printing process. Creating the right design will help you improve the quality of your screen printed products in the future.

2. Make sure your screen is functional.

Screen printing uses a special screen through which chemicals can be filtered to help transfer images from one medium to another. In order to ensure that your promotional products look as professional as possible, you need to ensure that your screen is functional before you begin the screen printing process.

Metal frames tend to work better than plastic ones, since the metal can withstand repeated use without deteriorating. Check to see that the metal mesh is taut within the wooden frame of the screen to prevent bleeding and smudging during the screen printing process.

3. Use the right light source.

The photo emulsion chemicals used to create screen printed images are sensitive to light. It is exposure to light that helps develop the image on your desired surface, so having access to the right light source is critical when it comes to the success of your screen printing projects.

You should invest in a specialized bulb made exclusively for screen printing. These bulbs produce a concentrated field of light that activates the photo emulsion chemicals with ease.

Being able to successfully screen print a design onto promotional items allows your small company to build its brand and reach consumers in a unique and effective way. Be sure that you are able to screen print more successfully in the future by selecting a simple design, checking to ensure your screen is functional, and investing in a specialized light source. For more on this topic, check out a site like


15 March 2017